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Commercial Cleaning Quote

Welcome to Clean It, Inc. 

Thank you for accepting our Commercial Cleaning Quote.  This page is to help you familiarize yourself with our services.  

It is our great privilege to provide you with your regular commercial cleaning services. We have been cleaning homes and businesses since 1998 and look forward to being your solution to a cleaner life.   Our secret to success is simple: Listen to your needs and focus on providing solutions to those needs. We want our staff to become a member of your team as well as our family.  Thank you for your consideration of our proposal and for welcoming us into your facility.  

The Quote

You should have received a quote via your client hub.  We will try and connect with you over the next couple days to see if we can answer any questions regarding your quote or if there are any adjustments that you would like for us to make.   If you do not have any questions and would like to proceed with having Clean It provide your services, please sign the quote and accept the agreement. 


Upon acceptance of this agreement you will be provided with an Account Manager that will coordinate all schedules, keys, entry codes, ordering of supplies and scheduling of all the inclusive services. This individual has the authority to manage changes and guarantee the satisfaction with the completed services.  They will also make regularly scheduled site visits to assure that the work is happening as we mutually agreed upon.  


All of Clean It quotes have a 30 day out clause.  It is another secret to our success.  In the beginning of every service there will be some bumps in the road, but we will keep working until we have found the correct formula that works for you and your organization.  However in the event that we are unable to meet your needs, you can provide us with a 30 day notice that you will be securing services from another provider and we will assist in making as smooth of a transition as possible.  It has been our experience that when we don't lock you into a long term contract, we do better and you have more faith in our services.  


The Work

We customize our services to your needs, however there are typical things from us that you can expect.


At Clean It, Inc., we are focused on providing commercial cleaning that not only looks and smells clean, but is cleaned behind the scenes even before we get to your offices. What makes us unique from other companies is our medical modeled cleaning process. For example, the rags we use are color coded so that the janitor in your office and the laundry staff at the warehouse know which rags are to be used and sanitized for various rooms. Blue rags that are used to scrub your bathroom are not used to wipe down your microwave. The rags used in different areas of your offices are not even washed together.


In a typical day you can expect...



​Sanitize all soap dispensers, hand dryers, towel holders, doors & knobs, empty sanitary disposal boxes, replacing liners, empty trash, replace liner and sanitize container inside and out, wash and sanitize all sinks and counters, polish fixtures, sweep and disinfect floors with wet mop, polish mirrors, refill soap, paper products, sanitary napkin and toilet paper, provide emergency clean up as necessary


Elevators, Hallways and Staircases  

Vacuum and/or spot clean carpets, mop stair cases and entryways, wipe down elevator walls and floors, polish elevator doors, clean, sanitize and polish all drinking fountains, wet mop stair cases and baseboards


Board, Conference, Gym and Training Rooms

Vacuum and/or spot clean spills and stains, wipe chairs, legs and sanitize arms, return furniture to designated areas, empty trash and replace liners, sanitize switches, door knobs, phones and table tops, clean TV screens and dry erase boards, spot clean windows and sills, sanitize work out equipment


Clean Offices That are Unlocked and Cubicles

Empty trash and replace liners, vacuum and/or spot clean spills and stains, vacuum under cubicles, wipe chairs, legs and sanitize arms, return furniture to designated areas, wipe down doors and frames, sanitize switches, door knobs, phones and table tops, spot clean windows and sills, spot clean scuffs and marks off walls, clean, sanitize and polish drinking fountains


During Weekly, Monthly & Quarterly Visits you an also expect...

Detail vacuum weekly including behind doors, edges and baseboards, detail clean blinds, dust ceiling vents monthly, offices and cubicles, dust high and low surfaces & clean monitors weekly, dust cubicles in weekly rotation, dust ceiling vents monthly, dust art work, clocks, boards and wall items monthly, replace canisters in scent dispensers as needed


These items we do as requested... and they are billed separately 

Detail clean all windows

Detail clean all blinds

Detail clean all light fixtures 

Strip and wax break room floor

Shampoo and extract all carpeted areas


Clean It will provide all of the supplies and equipment, cleaning chemicals, cleaning carts, vacuums and chemical dispensaries.  Supplies are Eco-Certified and will either be stored onsite in the maintenance closet or brought with the cleaners at the time of each clean. Toilet paper, soap and paper towels will be provided by individual members unless otherwise requested for an additional fee. 



We admit we are not always perfect and we miss things from time to time. However we are committed to making your customized clean perfect. So if we do happen to miss something, just text us, call us or email us and we will come right back and make anything we missed perfect or we will send a manager out the next time and make sure that it is not missed again.


 We carry public liability insurance with limits described below.

  • General Liability $1,000,000 per occurrence, $2,000,000 aggregate
  • Auto Insurance $1,000,000 per occurrence
  • Excess/Umbrella Liability $2,000,000 per occurrence
  • Workers Compensation $500,000 per occurrence

This coverage affords protection for legal liability resulting from any bodily injury, death or damage to property caused by the negligence of our company or our employees.

Our current policy will  be renewed on 2/15/24

Covid 19

Clean it, Inc. will never send individuals to your place of work that show signs of illness. This has been a long standing practice of ours and we offer our staff paid time off to support them during those times. Since 1998, we have used a medical model to help reduce the risk of contaminating businesses with illness and bacteria.  In the event that you or a colleague are diagnosed with this virus, with influenza or other viruses, we ask that you inform us so that we may disinfect the property with the proper equipment to assure everyone's safety. We have hospital grade disinfecting equipment and have a plan in place if you would like your facility sanitized, disinfected and deep cleaned. This is a good time to mention how the process of cleaning works:

  • Cleaning removes dirt from surfaces using soap or detergent (Does not necessarily kill germs)
  • Sanitizing lowers the number of germs on surfaces or objects to a safe level as judged by public health records
  • Disinfecting kills germs on surfaces or objects. Disinfecting works by using chemicals on surfaces to kill germs and leaving those chemicals long enough (Dwell Time) so that they can effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms.

A surface should be cleaned of dirt and grime before being disinfected.  We are using effervescent disinfectants tablets created for hospitals and institutional settings to clean and sanitize your business.   These products are non-allergenic however will leave an odor that is somewhat medicinal in nature.  


Client Hub

Your priority is getting quality work done, and Jobber, our software partner, helps us deliver service you can count on.  Here's how we keep your experience hassle free, and how you can access the information you need -- anytime.


Whether you want to request new work, review a quote, check on invoices, or print a receipt--you can do it all in one place.   


Watch for a login email that includes your secure, personalized link to our client hub and bookmark it.  Each quote or invoice you receive will include the same link, which means no pesky passwords to track or reset.   Learn more about the Clean It Client Hub. 


When scheduling services to be performed by Clean It, Inc. you are constituting your acceptance of this agreement as such. You agree that your organization is completely responsible for paying its bill to Clean It, Inc. in a timely manner.  You understand and agree that when you receive a bill from Clean It, Inc. you have seven (7) days to dispute any charges. After seven days, you agree that if you have not disputed the bill, it will be assumed that you agree with all charges on said bill. If your organization fails to pay your bill to Clean It, Inc. within thirty (30) days of the date of the invoice, you agree that there shall be a 5% late fee added to your bill that you are responsible to pay. If you fail to pay your bill after 61 days from the date of invoice, Your organization agrees that Clean It, Inc. may recover the cost of their services to you, plus any accrued late charges, filing fees, service of process fees, court costs and attorney fees if applicable.


Billing is issued immediately following each service minimally monthly and can be emailed or mailed based on convenience of the customer. We accept all form of payment including check, credit or debit card or bill pay. Iowa requires commercial cleaning services to pay 7% sales tax.    All invoices can be paid and tracked through the client hub 24 hours a day.  

Saving the Best for Last - Your Clean It Team

Clean It, Inc. is a full service cleaning company and our teams can provide you with additional services that include:

  • Janitorial Services
  • Day Porter Support
  • Window Cleaning Services
  • Floor Cleaning Services
  • ​Strip and Wax of Hard Surface Floors
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Toilet and Break Room Supplies and Services

Clean It, Inc. will supply uniformed employees that are bonded and insured, pass a background check and are subject to drug screening who agree to abide by your confidentiality and security protocols and provide necessary support and supervision to manage service delivery. Clean It offers two types of employees and they are as followed:

Day Porter - is for the premier office experience.  This is an "as needed" position and will be billed hourly. Essentially these employees are available to provide maintenance services during the day and peak operational hours to assist with refreshing bathrooms, entry ways and stair cases, breakrooms and common areas. They will be responsible to empty community garbage containers, clean executive offices that are locked at night and/or as requested, spot clean spills in carpets or on tile and refresh training rooms and conference rooms. Porters may also be used to refresh coffee services and restock supplies as needed. 

Evening Janitors

Our staff are bonded and insured and we provide workers that have a clean background check, have legal status to work in this country and maintain a clean uniformed appearance.  We utilize individuals and/or teams of up to four people and can send multiple teams if scheduling allows, increasing the speed by which the facility can be cleaned.

Throughout the entire cleaning process we are committed to your satisfaction & we will do everything we can to exceed your expectations. With a wide variety of services, friendly staff, competitive pricing, and service practices that our customers say they didn't even think of, we're sure you'll be happy working with us.

Feedback is HUGE with us!

Often, we do not hear when you are happy with your cleans and that is ok. But if you think one of our staff has done a great job, please go to our website and click on Testimonials which is at the top of every page of our website. Write a short note and hit send. We post those notes on an "Expect To Win" Bulletin Board in our office lobby for all of our staff to see, then pay your team a bonus for every one that they receive. So please help your staff do a good job by providing feedback for their hard work.


Systematic inspection shall be conducted by Clean It, Inc. to ensure that all services are properly performed. You are provided with a scheduling specialist that in the event everything is not perfect we ask that you please contact them. It is their job to assure that those conditions are remedied. DO NOT wait till your employees or customers are frustrated – we guarantee your happiness at no additional charge.

24 Hour Call Center

We are here to help.  You can call us 24 hours a day, any day of the year and get a live person.  


The Small Print

Contractor guarantees to the purchaser the material and labor. Owner warrants that this contract is agreed upon without any reliance upon any representations of promises of the contractor or his agents except as specifically written on the face of this contract, and that no such promises or representations have been offered as an inducement for signing it being the intent and agreement of the parties that this contract constitutes the entire agreement and responsible except for that which is expressly written on the face of this contract.  

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