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We are thrilled that you decided to come and share your expertise with us to help families and local businesses.  You should have received a letter outlining the paperwork that we need in order to pay you.  If you have not received this information please contact your supervisor and they will get it for you.  

There are a few things that you should know before getting started.  Hopefully this guide will answer a few of the questions that you may have.  You should know that you can call 515-508-1214 - 24 hours a day, seven days a week and get a live operator.  Just leave a message on how we can help you and your manager will get a hold of you as soon as they are able.    

Your First Day

Set up your personal Jobber App on your phone.  This is how you know where to go, what to do and how you get paid.  We communicate with our clients, bill for services and share what they want done here.   Here is a short video and the policy on how to use the Jobber Application.  

Dress Code

House Keepers and Janitorial Staff - For the first 30 days on the job:

  • Wear a white shirt and a green Clean It Apron each day while working
  • A comfortable pair of pants or shorts
  • Slip on shoes.  
You may choose between a full length apron and a half apron.  As a new employee, we will reimburse you up to $50 for white shirts and pants to help you get started.  Please turn in your receipt and you will be reimbursed on your first payroll check.  You will be provided with an apron when you begin working for us.  If they are lost or get soiled and are unable to clean, please let your supervisor know and they will get you a replacement.  

It is not ok to wear - low cut or suggestive tops, stretch pants, short shorts, pajamas, or sweat pants.  Clothing must be free from holes and clean.  Any person not following the Dress Code will be sent home without pay.  

Once you have worked for 30 days please fill out this form and order Clean It Shirts.  



How many extra shirts would you like?

What size shirts would you like?

At Clean It, we want people to respect you as a professional.  Maintaining a clean, uniformed appearance helps customers understand that you are a professional and deserve their respect.

We provide you with 5 shirts with logos so that you have a fresh one each day.  We find that these shirts do tend to shrink after they have been washed so you may want to order the next size larger.  We have pre-washed shirts that you can try on to find out your size.  

We ask that you keep your shirts clean and fresh.   If you do not have laundry machines at home, you may leave your shirts for us to clean for you.    Please make sure to put your name on the inside of your shirt so that you receive it back.  

If you would like additional shirts, please write how many shirts you would like.  Additional shirts cost $15.50 each and can be deducted from your check.  

Parking & Travel

The lot at Clean It is shared by multiple businesses, so we ask that you park along the garage beyond the cement partition, along the row of parking opposite the office or along the tree lined area across from the building. Please do not park in front of Clean It, AF Johnson or the other office buildings.  

If you are using your own car while providing service for Clean It, you are reimbursed the distance from the office, to the clients property and back.  If you are working at multiple properties, you are reimbursed from the office, to the property, to the other properties and back to the office.  You can find additional information regarding reimbursement rates in the personnel policies.  These rates are subject to change from time to time.

Bathroom and Shower Facilities

The bathroom is for your use. Please pick up after yourself. If toilet paper or towels are low, please let the office manager know and we will restock them. There is a full shower with shampoo and soap available. There are fresh towels folded on the top shelf next to the washer and dryer in the warehouse. Please help yourself to take a shower after your shift if you need too.  

Food and Snacks

We periodically place things such as snacks and drinks out in the lobby for you to enjoy.  Feel free to grab a drink, enjoy a snack or food product. Please be respectful of individual lunches and food which should be clearly marked.  


At Clean It, Inc. we try and provide you with everything you need to clean homes. We have worked with individuals like you to find products that make the cleaning as easy as possible. We have a few items that are unique to us that we tell our customers when we sell services to them. One item is using colored rags. We use yellow rags to dust and then sort them into the bins at night, blue rags for bathrooms which end up getting hair in them and does not always wash out and green rags for kitchens. We ask that you separate each type of rag into the bins in the warehouse so that they can be cleaned and avoid the wax from the dusting spray streaking other areas of the home and hair in the blue rags getting transferred into kitchens. You will also be provided with:

  • Vacuum
  • Mop
  • Broom and Dust Pan
  • Dusters
  • Tote
  • Cleaning Chemicals & Supplies

We realize that you may have other items that you clean with.  If you have a particular chemical or tool that you would like to use, please let us know and we will see what we can do to find it.  

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