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Our "Expect To Win" Bonus Program gives you a direct link to give an extra bonus to your Clean It Staff.  Each pay cycle, we pay out bonuses to individuals that exceed your expectations or impress you.  So please make regular visits to this page and help our staff know what you like.  

Products and Practices

At Clean It, Inc. we have worked diligently to assure that germs, allergens and dirt from other people's homes do not come into yours.  Many of these things are simple, but when you think about it, could be quite disgusting.  We use EcoLogo Certified Products which mean they are not harmful to the environment, your children or pets. 

Ask us about our rag system, flat mops and canister vacuums.  We think you will agree, it is the best way to clean. 

Bonding and Insurance

Often, when someone calls us to give them a bid that has used a family friend or individual to clean their home, stain their deck, clean out their gutters or work on their epoxy floor, something has happened.  Someone fell, something got broke, or unfortunately someone was hurt and the person doing the work was not insured or bonded. 

Clean It staff are bonded and we are insured as an organization to cover up to $2 million per occurrence of damage or negligence.  We complete background checks on all of our workers and we follow up with every one of them every day to assure that the work they are doing is correct and is being completed as we promised it would be.  We are happy to always issue you a certificate of insurance on every job we do.